Literacy for Life

In 2013, Theresa Schlabaugh and Jamie Balkman created a special program to show students that the shows they were attending at the Skokos Performing Arts Center-Alma were often well-loved literature before they ever became a theater production. Each year since then (except for covid years), Literacy for Life has worked in partnership with the Alma Education and Arts Foundation to provide free books to every student in one grade after they see the show. The books are purposefully chosen based on performances that are available as books.

"I have a running document that monitors which graduation cohort we give books to and have made sure to give each graduation cohort a book at some point during their K-12 experience. For example, this year's seniors received a copy of Diary of a Worm when they were in 3rd grade!" said Mrs. Balkman.

The Gruffalo was on display a couple of weeks ago at the Skokos PAC. Many of our students got to experience this colorful show, and thanks to Literacy for Life, all 2nd-grade students at Alma Primary School received a copy of The Gruffalo to take home. Thank you to Chuck King, Executive Director of the Alma Education and Arts Foundation, for stopping by APS to present the books to our students!

Literacy of Life Book List

  • Class of 2023: Diary of a Worm (3rd)
  • Class of 2024: The BFG (5th)
  • Class of 2025: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters (4th)
  • Class of 2026: Chicken Dance (2nd) and Charlotte's Web (5th)
  • Class of 2027: How I Became a Pirate (3rd) and Charlotte's Web (4th)
  • Class of 2028: How I Became a Pirate (2nd)
  • Class of 2029: Very Hungry Caterpillar (K) and Stuart Little (3rd)
  • Class of 2030: Stuart Little (2nd)
  • Class of 2031: Magic School Bus (1st)
  • Class of 2032: Magic School Bus (K)
  • Class of 2033: Gruffalo (2nd)